10 Space-Saving Furniture Hacks for Your Tiny Apartment

10 Space-Saving Furniture Hacks for Your Tiny Apartment

By: Ali Drucker

If you live in a crowded city, square footage can be a more precious resource than water or oxygen. And while you may not have the three-level penthouse equipped with car elevator that you’ve always dreamed of, there are still ways to maximize your space without compromising on quality. Yes, your digs will still fit into a Midwestern closet, but these 10 items will make the rat race more bearable.

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1. 3Moods
The ultimate space-saving furniture set, this fully-funded Indiegogo campaign combines a bed, armchair, chaise lounge, dining table, desk, and four benches into one, streamlined package. The downside being you can no longer lie about not having room when your in-laws come into town.

Credit: Alvaro Goula

2. Orwell
But if your demanding visitors are whining about “personal space,” set them up in their very own pillow fort. Sofa by day, a carefully concealed twin bed by night.

Credit: Kichler

3. Terna LED Pendant Fan
For tiny kitchen nooks and home offices alike, this five-blade fan and ceiling lamp offers condensed cooling without compromising on power.

Credit: Orla Reynolds

4. “As If From Nowhere”
What at first is just an oddly-hued wall of shelving…

Credit: Orla Reynolds

…becomes a dining room set for four. And a coat of paint will take you from Crayola-chic to livable neutrals in no time.

Credit: Christoph Brenner

5. Nuovoliola
The issue with most Murphy-style beds is that once you stow it upward, you’re left with empty space that requires lots of furniture re-arranging to fill it. When Nuovoliola is closed, however, its footboard turns into a shelf, and a two-seater sofa is revealed from underneath.

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