5 Disgusting Truths About Your Mattress

5 Disgusting Truths About Your Mattress

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If you’re someone who loves to sleep, your bed might be the most important piece of furniture in your house. And even if you don’t love to sleep, you spend over 2,000 hours a year in your bed. The irony is, you probably don’t do much to it in the way of cleaning and upkeep to your mattress, but you should. “If you take care of your mattress, it should last ten years or more,” says Michael Magnuson, founder of Goodbed, a mattress review web site. And with mattresses costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $5,000 or more, that’s good incentive.

We asked Magnuson and cleaning expert Linda Cobb (aka The Queen of Clean) for their best advice when it comes to caring for your bed. The first rule of thumb: never let kids jump on it, which ruins the coils or foam. Read on for their other must-know bed-saving tips.

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