Beyond Amazon Prime: <em>Transparent</em> in Real Life

Beyond Amazon Prime: <em>Transparent</em> in Real Life


One reason Amazon’s hit show Transparent is so acclaimed is because it is true to life. Viewers (having benefited from the enlightenment the show provides) will be particularly engaged by this episode of Nicholas Snow Live. Here’s a bit of background info about my guests:

Alana Sholar and Bobbie Thompson are a married couple. That in itself isn’t very unique, however, Alana is a male-to-female trans woman, Bobbie is her supportive cis-gender spouse and they live in central Kentucky which does make their story very unique. Bobbie knew Sholar as a male for approximately 25 years, and they even shared an intimate relationship in the mid-1990’s. Nearly a decade passed when Bobbie saw Sholar again in late 2006, only this time ‘he’ was a ‘she.’ Bobbie was ‘freaked-out’ and told Sholar she didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Two years later they were married. Today they still live in the same small Kentucky town where Sholar grew up as a male. They have a blended family of three children, four grandchildren, and two dogs.

If you are new to exploring and understanding what it means for someone to be transgender (and it means different things to different people, even those who are transgender themselves), pull up a chair (and your device) and stay awhile. A riveting conversation is ahead!

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