Clayton Kershaw Takes Line Drive Straight To The Kisser

Clayton Kershaw Takes Line Drive Straight To The Kisser

This had to hurt. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw got hit in the face with a baseball Friday during a spring training game against the Oakland A’s.

Here it is, again, in slo-mo.

Kershaw sat on the mound for a few moments before medical teams moved in to examine him.

The ball, which came off a broken bat hit in the bottom of the third by Oakland infielder Andy Parrino, hit Kershaw on the left of his jaw, according to Kershaw remained in the game for another two innings, but said he anticipated that he would feel the hit on the next day.

“It felt like getting hit by a pitch. Nothing serious. I don’t think I panicked too much. It was sore. I think I lost some tooth. I spit it out, and we got it. I assume tomorrow, I’ll be sore. I feel fine now,” the three time CY Young Award-winner said.

Unfortunately, for Kershaw and the Dodgers, they fell to the A’s 2-3.

Source: Huff Post



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