Daily Dosing on Meditation

Daily Dosing on Meditation

I found meditation in my late 20s when I wasn’t really looking for it. Isn’t that how all addictions start?

Meditation is an addiction for me for sure. I am sincerely dependent upon it and my dosage changes each day depending on what I’m going through.

My relationship with meditation has evolved over the last 10 years. Over the last decade, I’ve learned how to stay in the present moment, love myself and deepen my spiritual practice. As I learned more about meditation from books and teachers, I wasn’t surprised my life changed in those ways. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was how meditation changed my professional career.

When I meditate, I start by writing a gratitude letter to God. I tell him all sorts of things I love, welcome, release and am thankful for. I ask for guidance on certain elements of my life and then close my journal and my eyes. I take a few deep breathes and allow my beautiful meditation practice to take me on a little journey. It’s magical and a definite staple of my morning. The unpredictable part about my practice is how long my little magical journey lasts. I allow myself the time it takes to hear practical steps for me to take that same day. I schedule meetings and exercise and appointments all around this practice. I’ve been late to events and classes because of my meditation practice too. That, I admit, is annoying.

I’ll ask for guidance on who to call, talk to, where to work from or what piece to write that day. I’ll set the intention to hear how to move a block out of the way so the organization I run evolves. I’ll hear answers during meditation and I’ll take action that day.

The organization I run flipped its business model based off of a meditation session of mine. And by flipping our model, the organization is running smoothly. I heard titles of events during meditation before and I’ve met instrumental people at these events. I spoke at an event in New York City because of answers I received in meditation. And, I once went to a conference in Austin because I felt guided to during meditation!

There have been times I had to meditate two or three times a day just to get through the day. There were times I had to learn new ways to do it to get the affect I was looking for. Make no mistake about it, my life is what it is today because of this daily dose I crave. I know I’m not the only one!

The research on meditation and how it alters us has been steady the last few years. I find it fascinating!

I can personally say this daily behavior I’ve become dependent on has helped me develop a beautiful skill — intuition. And everything else it does for me is just icing.

Do you depend upon meditation?
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