Flushing vs. Composting in Drought Stricken California Valley

Flushing vs. Composting in Drought Stricken California Valley


California has antiquated composting toilet regulations that need to be modified to address the current 20+ year catastrophic drought that we are facing.

By one estimate Americans flush more than five billion gallons of drinking water down our toilets everyday! By defecating in water we pollute it. Excessive levels of nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs and other pollutants remain in the water even after the water is “treated” in unsustainable “treatment plants.” Not only are we practicing polluting clean drinking water everyday, we are using it up and flushing toilets is one way it is being wasted.


Properly composted human feces and urine yields a rich, pleasant smelling, hygienically safe soil-building material and the key ingredient is using untreated saw dust instead of precious water when defecating. Untreated saw dust is more difficult to find and acquire than one would think, yet this can be easily addressed by processing fallen tress and limbs with saw dust making machinery right in our communities.


Please consider donating to Composting Toilet Project for Ojai on GoFundMe.com; the primary goals would first and foremost be changing the present regulations at a local and state level regarding composting toilets permits, followed by education, implementation and accessibility to affordable receptacles, manufacturing and providing untreated saw dust and building humanure compost piles.

“Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course…No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost…” World Scientist Warning Humanity
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