Here Are The Obama Administration's Net Neutrality Rules

Here Are The Obama Administration's Net Neutrality Rules

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday released the full text of its net neutrality rules, detailing how the agency plans to ensure the Internet remains free and open.

The FCC voted last month along party lines to approve the net neutrality plan put forth by Chairman Tom Wheeler. Open Internet advocates lauded the decision, saying it gives the government greater authority to block unfair Internet Service Provider practices. Republican opponents have blasted the rules, criticizing the secrecy of the FCC process and portraying the plan as government overreach.

The order released today will reclassify consumer broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act, giving the FCC the authority to issue strong, “bright line” rules against practices such as blocking lawful content and paid prioritization. The rules will also extend to mobile access.

The FCC commissioners who support the plan are confident about the order. “The lesson of this period, and the overwhelming consensus on the record, is that carefully-tailored rules to protect Internet openness will allow investment and innovation to continue to flourish,” the order reads.

Read the full text of the order below.

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FCC net neutrality order

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