In the Stillness

In the Stillness


My vision, my desires, my future starts today.

I am longing for the silent spaces. Not physical solitude per se, but for the silence. For the stillness.

For in the stillness comes peace and serenity and calm and insight and creativity and compassion. In the stillness comes joy and happiness and all things anew. In the stillness comes the space for all of the energy that rejuvenates me. In the stillness comes my ability to sustain patience and in the stillness comes empathy and my ability to perspective take, rather than judge. From the stillness comes love, and courage, the courage to leap and to dream and to let go and to break down internal walls and external barriers.

From the stillness comes acceptance of myself and others, and of life as it is right this very moment. From the still comes gratitude: I am where I am supposed to be and it is a place of safety and security and abundance — no matter how many ads try to convince me otherwise. From the stillness comes perspective and recognition. From the stillness, the voice inside my head gets a break, and everyone, everyone deserves a break.

From the stillness comes appreciation and a recognition that we’re all doing the best with what we have been given. From the stillness comes healing laughter and fond memories that give me hope and put me back in touch with the person I once was and know I can be again.

Some people equate stillness with sadness or loneliness, but stillness is anything but. Stillness
is the quintessential precursor for connection.

And in our world today, with the masses cloaked in a heavy cape of chronic stimulation, it is no wonder we have never felt so alone. We need more stillness.

I need more stillness.

This is why on this morning of visioning, of articulating to the Universe where I want to be and trusting that the forces will align to take me there, I ask not for riches or a new home or a certain career. No, I ask but for one thing, the ultimate blessing — I ask for the stillness. I ask for direction back towards the path of cultivating a lifestyle that not just accommodates highly sporadic, fleeting moments of stillness, but that puts stillness at the forefront of my existence and of my thriving. Lead me back to space. Lead me back to stillness, so I can hear the honorable voices of this world — past, present, and future. Lead me back to the stillness, so I can be a human being (and not a human doing or human ruminating or human stressing or human fatiguing or human going going gone) once again.
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