Long-Term Couples Reveal How They've Made Marriage Work

Long-Term Couples Reveal How They've Made Marriage Work

With the prevalence of divorce, long-lasting matrimony can seem like a small miracle.

Fran and Bill Condaxis are a testament to those who believe in making that lifelong commitment. The couple joined HuffPost Live to discuss how they’ve made their marriage work for 62 years.

“Yes, we’ve had to make sacrifices, but they were very small compared to the joy of being together and all the wonderful things we have done together,” Fran said.

The couple told host Nancy Redd they’ve never once considered ending the marriage.

“We were just meant for each other. We were very fortunate I guess, but we had to work to keep it together many times,” Fran said.

Charles Morin and Rona Berry, who have been married for 19 years, had “doubts” about their marriage on multiple occasions, but they managed to pull through. Although grappling with Berry’s chronic pain issues “affected the relationship,” they remembered that they vowed to be together in both sickness and health.

“There’s been plenty of times where we would both look at each other and say our vows again because as I’ve gotten older, my health has been affected by [the chronic pain]. But the one constant is the love of my husband,” Berry said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about long-lasting marriage here.

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