No Risk, No Reward

No Risk, No Reward

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist 1803-1882

It is said …you should know where you have to go…to know where you are going. Some know the answers when they are young, some search for it most of life. We might all have a choice or also keep a selective memory, how, when and where we changed. Do we hold on to good or bad memories? Do we depend on forgetfulness or even forgiveness?

Some of the questions are answered by yes! Observing the changes over many years, women have learned to stand their ground. Much has been written on this subjec. Every author of these stories and books has gathered her own experiences…some were risky, some brought rewards. Yet all had to first believe in themselves, have the courage of their own convictionns…that they can accomplish what they set out to do. It is astonishing, as well as disturbing, to see in one of the most popular TV series, Mad Men, how women were treated and that happened not so long ago. We have come a long way! Many of the workplaces would not have functioned at all without the women participating. Does this mean we should accept responibility for the actions of past times?

The answer would be yes…yet the circumstancs were different…and we should also see them in their historical context. Responsibility for past actions is part of our life, and we must not blame others for our shortcomings, then or now. The word equality mean many things…in being treated with respect and in being heard, it is reflected in compensation. It is a fallacy to believe women have the right to equal pay because of their gender and not because of their ability and effectiveness. Women and men make a contribution to an organization…and have the right to be paid. We are in charge of establishing our worth…endorse and protect it. We are also in charge of our lives…how we live it, ,pursue the goals we have set for ourselves. We all need encouragement, no matter who we are or how successful.
We cannot do it alone.

Mika Brzezinski , co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, authored Knowing Your Value (Women, Moeny, and Getting What You’re Worth) about her journey and many other successful women’s experiences. Their search for being valued, what they deserve and need occupied their thoughts and existence. In her own story Mika writes of her breaking point of resignng,,,and how she found the courage and stood her ground. In her decisions she had help, and acknowledges the help she had received; she was heard! Her lessons and those of the others are to be adhered to as her others speak openly. All women in this story express their thoughts of self-worth and of fearlessness in going after their goals. All are educated. Their honesty also hold the foundation and the courage how they, today well-known women had to battle to find their stride.

It is enriching to read these various stories and find similarities, The word ‘curious’: comes to mind..,an active desire to learn, to know, We never know enough…and the best about this action is… it keeps one young. There are worthwhile goals to pursue like believing on one’s worth. Check the letters in WORTH: W…wisdom,. O…optimism, R…resilience, T…tenacity. H…honesty and truly understand their meanng . It is through lives’s experience and through an encouraging environment to arrive at our own self-awareness and potential. We are fortunate to live in this time and in this country where we can find support from women and men who strongly believe in the value of women, their worth, even their mindfulness. Indeed life is challenging and sometimes risky. We can sit back and let it pass by or we can take charge and speak up…not just once in awhile but consistently.

“We are mede wise not by recollection of the past, but by the responsibility for our future.” — George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright 1894-1950

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