Reframe the Way You Look at Food

Reframe the Way You Look at Food

Food should be a spiritual practice.

Have you heard that before? But, just as I have heard it before I too have never really known what to make of it.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people spend more time on Facebook than they do sitting down to enjoy a meal thoroughly.

So many of us now scurry about our day eating our meals as liquid drinks, energy drinks, on the run, in powder form, as capsules or consider “coffee” as a meal.

When was the last time you sat down and paid intense attention to your meal.
To enjoy:

– The flirty flavors

– The temperature

– How it made you feel

– How it makes your body feel

We seem to be living in a society that is conditioning us to pay no attention to what we are eating or how we are eating it. In turn, how does this shape the way we view food and our bodies?

Here are some important questions, we need to ask ourselves:

– Where does my fruit/ vegetables/ eggs/ meat/ milk/ soy come from?

– How is it grown, harvested, killed?

– Who grows it? Makes it? Bakes it? Creates it? Modifies it?

– It is in season?

– Is it genetically modified?

– Is it organic?

The thing is, food is a spiritual practice because it makes us become aware of more than what we are eating, but also the origin of our food, how we eat it and what setting we decide to enjoy it in.

Food is not the problem. Technology is not the problem. How we are eating it is not the problem.

The problem is our perspective to all of it.

When you change the way you look at it, the thing you look at changes. This is called a reframe, a reframe in perspective and this is what we need.

We need to reframe our perspectives so that instead of:

Hating our bodies, we love and nurture our bodies.

Eating out all the time, we learn to cook and enjoy home cooked meals.

Blaming where we live, what we do, the stresses that we have, we need to take responsibility.

Until we look at our concept of what is “healthy” individually and authentically, we will continue to remain unconscious and drift endlessly with choices that are equally unconscious or bought on by the thinking of the masses.

So start today, write down what health means to you, write down what healthy feels like to you, write down how you are going to become a conscious creator and decide today to make healthy food and healthy living a conscious choice.

It’s time you reframed the way you look at food.
Source: Huff Post



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