School Sends Home Student Over 'Unnatural' Hair Color

School Sends Home Student Over 'Unnatural' Hair Color

A high school banned a student from attending class after she dyed her hair an “unnatural” shade of auburn. The teen, however, has since been allowed back.

Junior Savannah Keesee told KTVI the principal sent her home from West County High School in St. Francois County, Missouri, this week because her hair was “really bright.” Though Keesee’s natural hair color is red, the hair dye didn’t quite come out as expected, the station reports.

According to the school’s handbook, “non-natural hair colors will not be permitted. For example, green, purple, blue, etc,” KTVI notes. School Superintendent Stacy Stevens told the outlet the rule has been in place for decades. “We don’t tend to have issues with this policy,” he said.

Keesee told KMOV: “If it was purple or blue or pink, I’d see where they’d have a problem but it’s just red, auburn.”

West County High School could not be immediately reached for comment by The Huffington Post, but BuzzFeed published an update Thursday morning that said Keesee is back in school. However, the superintendent “declined to say what color her hair is now,” the outlet wrote.

Keesee isn’t the first teen to run afoul of hair rules. An Alabama high school sent a student home last year for a “distracting” red dye job. She was allowed back in school after she stripped some of the color from her hair.
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