Superstar Chefs and Great Restaurants Offer Their Best Stormy Weather Dishes

Superstar Chefs and Great Restaurants Offer Their Best Stormy Weather Dishes

Is it miserable and stormy outside? Again! When you’re stuck inside, sometimes life’s greatest pleasures can be found by the stove. For those of us who are a bit challenged in the culinary department, cooking may sound like a great idea. But in practice, it’s often not so simple to whip up something that will also be satisfying and exciting.

So I asked some beloved chefs for their easiest crowd-pleasing recipes that would be ideal to make during a cold, stormy day but aren’t too labor intensive. Brent Omeste, chef de cuisine at Cucina Enoteca in Newport Beach, California shared his recipe for creamy mascarpone polenta. “It’s a simple recipe for the at-home cook because the dish requires a limited amount of easy-to-find ingredients,” says chef Omeste. “The dish is creamy, comforting, and satisfying – perfect for a cozy meal when the weather is chilly.” And Jason Adams, executive chef at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies offered his blue cheese stuffed dates. “I call these ‘volcanic hot rocks,'” says chef Adams. “Imagine smoky applewood bacon wrapped around a sweet Medjool date with a molten blue cheese center. It’s a warming smoky, sweet comfort treat.”

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Blue cheese stuffed dates from chef Jason Adams, Four Seasons Resort Nevis
(Photo used with permission.)
Source: Huff Post



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