The 10 Commandments to Get REAL Health & Wellness » Get Daily Health

The 10 Commandments to Get REAL Health & Wellness » Get Daily Health

1. Thou shall be aware of how much food and nutrition you consume daily.

Too often people consume mindlessly. By learning first what you need, and then adding those items to your daily diet, you will begin to build a healthy outline. Knowing how much food you need per day will help you budget your intake in a more healthful way. To maintain a healthy weight you need to understand your calorie flip point, which is where you burn all the calories that you consume. You will flip, when you burn more calories than you consume. You must be past the flip point in order to lose any weight. In fact it you must flip 500 calories per day, just to lose ONE pound per week.

2. Thou shall add fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition is vital to good health. If you do not plan for fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will likely not consume them. They are not shelf-stable and often not pre-packaged. In this convenience society, this makes nutritional foods more of a challenge to consume. Eat a wide variety, as well as colors of foods, as each color provides different types of nutritional benefits. Make your goal to eat at least three “colors” per day.

3. Thou shall reduce, and when possible, avoid highly processed foods, with artificial ingredients and additives.

This is a difficult but vital part of any wellness plan. The more processed items you consume, the more challenging your journey to health and wellness will be. Strive to make the BULK of your diet based in whole or natural foods. These are foods that have not been altered or processed. Things like fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meats, and other natural “non-boxed” foods.

4. Thou shall drink water throughout the day.

A minimum of eight, eight ounce glasses per day. Water is necessary for life. For your body to function at its best you need to maintain hydration. As oil is to a car, water in to your body. In order to allow your body to work as it was designed, you need to drink water throughout the day.

5. Thou shall move the body every day.

Daily sustained movement for at least 20 minutes is recommended. In order to stay healthy you need to keep moving. Not just one kind of movement, but many. The big three are: Cardiopulmonary-gets the heart rate elevated, Strength Training- tones the muscles and builds the bones, and Stretching/Range of Motion- keeps your body flexible and balanced.

6. Thou shall get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is paramount to good health. At night your body restores itself on a cellular level. Without adequate rest you will perform at a sub-par level. It is important to quiet the mind. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Allow yourself the gift of rest.

7. Thou shall seek daily self-enrichment.

Spending time investing in yourself is valuable for creating harmony in mind, body and spirit. Create a habit of learning new things and ways to express yourself. Participating in a creative outlet promotes well-being. This keeps the mind sharp and increase mental and spiritual health. Look for uplifting and motivational material to read or watch regularly.

8. Thou shall not be negative.

Negative attitudes are not conducive to good health. What you think and speak has a direct affect on your personal well-being. Complaining, gossiping and feelings of inability will lead to more of the same. Retrain your mind to look for the good in all things. This attitude shift can increase endorphins.

9. Thou shall practice daily stress-relief.

Stress is a major risk factor in all forms of disease. Learning ways to relax and unwind is important. Actually doing that daily is wise. Until you learn to manage the stress you encounter, you will not be able to improve your total health and wellness.

10. Thou shall participate in prevention and health care screenings.

Ignorance is not bliss! Not knowing about a health problem, does not make it go away. In fact, early detection and prevention can be your BEST defense against life-threatening conditions. The bottom-line is, know your numbers for health, get your annual screenings and see your physician regularly as directed by your age and condition. An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure!



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