The 'Girls' Season Finale Was Spoiled Months Ago

The 'Girls' Season Finale Was Spoiled Months Ago

The fourth season of “Girls” ended on Sunday night with a harrowing birth sequence (Gaby Hoffmann’s very pregnant Caroline spent most of the episode naked in a bathtub), a final split between Hannah and Adam and a time jump: six months, to be exact, to the show’s first winter scene. There, Hannah and Fran (played by perma-good guy Jake Lacy) strolled down a snow-covered street, kissed and walked into the icy future together. It was a touching moment, one that pointed toward some level of maturity for Hannah, but not all that much of a surprise. After all, the entire sequence was spoiled last August.

Two days after it was announced that Lacy, who starred in last summer’s “Obvious Child,” had been cast on “Girls,” photographs of both he and Lena Dunham filming in Brooklyn appeared online. “Oops, Did We Just Out Hannah’s New Boyf On ‘Girls’?” read the headline on Bedford + Bowery on Aug. 15. As it turns out, they did.

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