'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Will Definitely Catch Up With The Original Series

'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Will Definitely Catch Up With The Original Series

Little is known about the upcoming “Walking Dead” companion series besides the fact that it’s a spinoff that will tell a new story taking place before the events of the hit AMC zombie show. But don’t be so quick to call it a prequel — at least not entirely.

“The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman spoke at a South By Southwest panel on Saturday about the new show, which just received a two-season order from AMC, clarifying its timeline in relation to the original series. While Kirkman admitted the majority of the still-untitled spinoff will reveal the events before Rick Grimes woke up from his coma, he said it will eventually catch up with “The Walking Dead.”

“I wouldn’t call it ‘prequel,’” Kirkman said of the new series, “because the entirety of the show is not going take place before [‘The Walking Dead’]. It will eventually form a path running concurrently.”

This means there’s an even greater possibility the companion series will crossover with characters from “The Walking Dead.” It’s been rumored that at least one “Walking Dead” character, Morales (Juan G. Pareja), could be back for the new show. A new character introduced in the spinoff, which will premiere its first six episodes this summer, will also reportedly appear later in Season 6 of “Walking Dead.”

Kirkman said the spinoff will include certain revelations about some events from “The Walking Dead,” saying, “there may be some things that are discovered in the companion show that haven’t been discovered in the other show yet.” Regardless, he still wants the two shows to stand on their own so fans can enjoy them separately. But we all know fans will be looking for connections the same way they have with AMC’s other companion shows, “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad.”

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