Thirteen Questions for Hillary

Thirteen Questions for Hillary
  1. Regarding the 30,000+ emails that you admitted destroying, when did you destroy them, before or after the congress and/or the State Department made their email request to you?
  2. Do you see how some people might draw an analogy between your missing emails and the missing minutes on Nixon’s tapes?
  3. Even if you did nothing illegal, wouldn’t it be best to turn over all emails rather than risk this issue becoming the “blue dress” of another failed democrat to win the White House?
  4. Don’t you think the American public is mature enough to respect those emails that truly are personal in nature?
  5. Do you really expect us to believe that you never discussed government business with anyone other than government employees who had .gov email addresses?
  6. After you did email searches to locate sensitive emails regarding subjects like Libya, did you do any further filtering such as only include emails to government employees?
  7. Do you expect us to believe that you had no email correspondence with foreign governments during your time as Secretary of State?
  8. Do you think you are the right person to decide if email correspondence regarding fund raising for the Clinton Foundation didn’t have an implied quid pro quo for what you might do for a contributor once elected president?
  9. Do you want the Clinton legacy to be that Bill’s philandering and your obfuscation gave the country George W. And Jeb Bush presidencies?
  10. What possible reason could you have for not turning all your emails over to a confidential independent arbiter? Surely Chelsea’s wedding plans are not that sensitive.
  11. Would you agree to turn your server over to the State Department now so that any emails you deleted might be reinstated and preserved if that is warranted in future?
  12. Why did you not respond sooner to this email controversy? Why did it take you eight days to respond? Who have you met with during that time, what advice did they give you and did you destroy any more emails during these eight days?
  13. Which is more important to you, preserving the privacy of your daughter’s wedding or preserving the dignity and moral direction of your country for the next eight years?

Source: Huff Post



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