You Know You're a Mom When…

You Know You're a Mom When…

Are you a hopeful mom-to-be?

Or maybe you’re a mom who just needs a reminder that you’re normal.

Maybe you’re even totally unsure if you ever want to be a mom someday because you can’t begin to imagine what it’s like or whether it’s even worth it.

Read on, because this is motherhood!


You know you’re a mom when…

  • When you’re sure that if you could pick just one super power, you’d choose to have more time in a day.
  • When you realize you’ve worn the same outfit two or three days in a row, but are secretly (or even outwardly) okay with that.
  • When your kids are sick and feeling miserable and you wish you were the one sick if someone has to be.
  • When your heart feels like it will leap right out of your chest when you catch your children hugging or snuggling. You can hardly believe you get to witness such pure sibling love between your babies.
  • When you catch yourself “grooming” your child in those ways that would utterly gross you out if it was anybody else.
  • When you regularly have days you’re ready to tear your hair out and wonder how your small people get to you in such a big way.
  • When you’re out with your husband, trying to focus on him but every time you see someone else’s kid the same age as your own, you’re immediately thinking about your babies.
  • When watching your kid do the things they were made to do — scoring a goal, helping others, performing in a recital — sends your heart soaring and your fingers dialing to call grandparents or texting pictures to friends.
  • When you realize cleaning up after your kids really does feel just like snow shoveling in a blizzard.
  • When the first day of preschool or the last day of high school leaves you a hot mess, with tears at the ready.
  • When hearing your oldest comforting, teaching, helping, or guiding your youngest makes you ridiculously proud.
  • When the very thought of witnessing your child become a teenager or leave for college, somehow feels unbelievable, impossible, and terrifying – yet hope inducing all at once.
  • When hearing of another mom losing a child, or a child losing their mom breaks your heart in two.
  • When you realize you can hardly remember life before kids, even though your oldest is a toddler.
  • When you understand your heart really will have forever left your chest since the day your kids were born.
  • When you come to believe that motherhood is the hardest, but best job in the whole world. That it’s more than worth it, and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

What would you add that sums up motherhood to you? What fears, hopes, or dreams do you have about motherhood?

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