10 Things to Do in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm — the most stylish city I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting (if you’ve followed my journey on instagram: @greaseandglamour — you’ll have seen my daily updates). Here are 10 things I think you should do when you visit.

1. Catch the sunset if you can.

In the five days I was in Stockholm, we were only to see the sunset once. So if you are blessed with clear skies while you’re there, do take a few moments to soak in the sunset.

Sunset in Sodermalm, Stockholm | TRAVEL


2. Sip a latte at Drop Coffee, rated the 3rd best coffee shop in the world.

They didn’t have soy milk or almond milk (usually how I drink my latte), but they did have ‘oat milk’ which I thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂

Drop Coffee | Stockholm

Drop Coffee | Stockholm

Drop Coffee | Stockholm

Drop Coffee | Stockholm


3. Take a burger break at Vigarda Barbeque.

I got the original burger (expecting, you know – an original cheeseburger), and to my surprise, I’m blessed with a lump of delicious pulled pork sandwiched in-between a perfectly grilled beef mound and toasted bun. Yum.

Vigarda Barbeque | Where to Eat in Stockholm

Vigarda Barbeque | Where to Eat in Stockholm

Vigarda Barbeque | Where to Eat in Stockholm


4. Do get a Swedish hotdog in the street.

’cause it’s damn good.

Swedish Street Hot Dog | What to Eat in Stockholm


5. Walk the bridge over to Sodermalm to soak in this view at night.

There is water everywhere in Stockholm, and the lights reflecting off of that water is always absolutely magical.

Stockholm at night |Travel


6. Take the metro whenever you can.

Traveler-friendly – there aren’t too many trains going in completely different directions, most stations notify of you how long until the next train comes, and the trains are clean plus have padded seats.

Stockholm Metro

…and because cabs are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

Stockholm, Sweden | Travel


7. Dance ’til you drop.

If you’re in town for the weekend, do go out and dance ’til you drop. Most Stockholm locals don’t go out late during the week, and many bars close at 1 AM. But the weekend nightlife can keep you out as late as 5 AM.

Check out Berns (multi-floor nightclub) and Trädgården (multi-floor club under a bridge).

Dancing in Stockholm | Travel


8. Go shopping, anywhere.

Stockholm is home to some of the best shopping in the world. The design is minimal, well-fitted, tailored and overall sleek.

My favorite area to shop was in the neighborhood of Ostermalm – a bit on the pricier end, but if you’re used to paying foreign prices on Swedish designer items, you’ll be glad to find that the Swedish brands you love are much cheaper in Stockholm.

Shopping in Stockholm | Travel

Shopping in Stockholm | Travel

Shopping in Stockholm


9. Explore Gamla Stan, the old town in Stockholm.

Complete with cobblestone streets, beautifully bright buildings contrasted against a usually grey sky – this neighborhood has a Scandinavian charm that you’ll love.

Galma Stan | Stockholm | Travel

Gamla Stan, Stockholm | Sweden | Travel


10. Eat at Nook in Sodermalm.

Started by a Swede and a Korean, this restaurant combines Swedish cuisine with Korean flavors. I’m not always a fan of fusion, but this place was awesome.

Where to Eat in Stockholm | Nook | Travel

Nook Restaurant | Stockholm | Travel

Where to Eat in Stockholm

Eating in Stockholm | Nook Restaurant | Travel

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