10 Unique Ways To Spend Your Spring Break

Spring break is practically upon us, and those of us that live to procrastinate still have absolutely no clue what we’re going to do.

However, the pressures associated with the week long vacation from school push us to outdo each other and go to places like Cancun or Miami for nonstop parties.

As fun as that sounds (she says sarcastically), there are far better ways to throw your money away that aren’t nearly as generic. So here they are: 10 unique ways to spend your spring break this year.

1. Go Camping

Yeah, I said it. Get a group of friends together, get a campsite and gather all the fixings for s’mores and you’ve got yourself one heck of a party. Sure, we all love to lay on the beach, but this will cost you less than half the price of a trip to the coast and you still get to hang out with your closest friends.

Plus, you can tell ghost stories around a campfire. Some things will just never die out.

2. Have A Movie Marathon

Are you and your friends movie buffs? Well look no further: I’ve got the perfect spring break plans for you. Start a movie marathon! Everyone can bring a different theatre treat (popcorn with extra butter and you can’t forget the Sour Patch Kids) and you can gorge yourself on amazing food and fantastic movies.

Whether you’ve always wanted to watch all the “Saw” movies in order, you can’t get enough of the “Harry Potter” films or you feel you need to get prepared for the upcoming releases of “Jurassic World” and the next “Star Wars” installment, your movie marathon event will be the perfect outlet.

3. Have A Spa Day

Guys, this includes you. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be pampered every once in a while, especially after we just aced all of our midterms? Groupon has tons of deals all the time, so stalk the site and see if there are any group spa day deals.

Massages, mani/pedis and even that weird thing where they stick needles in your back; it’s all a great way to relieve stress and help you prepare for the second half of the spring semester.

4. Go To An Amusement Park

You’re looking for thrills, right? So why not pick the one place where you know everyone’s adrenaline is pumping? Theme parks are the perfect place to let out that pent-up energy and to feel the stress of the semester disappear.

There’s a theme park no matter where you are, and tickets won’t run you much more than you spend per week at Starbucks anyway.

5. Go To The Casino

If you’re 21 and have a little extra cash to burn, what are you waiting for? Vegas isn’t the only casino willing to take your money from you; you can go to any local casinos around you as well. Trust me, they don’t discriminate so long as you’re of age and brought money.

Bring some friends with you, grab a few drinks and tell those slot machines who’s going home with the jackpot!

6. Work On Your Bucket List

If you don’t have one of these yet, you need to make one. And really, what better time than now to start crossing things off? So write down the things you want to do in the next however many years and feel the satisfaction you get when you start crossing them off one by one.

Always wanted to sky dive? Use this spring break as your excuse to finally risk your life and jump out of that plane. No judgment here.

7. Volunteer Abroad

Ever heard of voluntourism? You get to go to that remote location and see all the sights you would on a vacation, but you’re also giving back by volunteering to teach English, or build shelters, etc.

So while all your college friends are looking for selfish ways to spend their break, you can brag that you not only had the vacation of a lifetime, but that you were able to give back at the same time.

8. Go On A Booze Cruise

Spring break has a reputation to uphold, and it would be inconsiderate of me to completely ignore it. So again, for those of you that are 21, a booze cruise is the perfect way to get in that desire to drink without having to fly to Mexico to do it.

So take advantage of your surroundings, grab up your best buds and head out for the perfect night out.

9. Be A Tourist

Never really visited all the excursions your nearest city has to offer? Now is your time. Go see local museums, visit the local zoo, take a tour of your city, the list is endless.

Added bonus: take lots of pictures. What fun is being a tourist if you aren’t documenting every moment of your trip? And let’s be serious, every time there’s a photo op, this generation has no problem in taking it.

10. Be A Food Critic

If you’re like me, food is everything. In fact, it’s so important that events get planned around it more often than they probably should. So why not turn the tables? Plan your spring break around food.

This is a chance to visit restaurants you’ve never been to, but have always wanted to try: whether it be the local mom and pop diner or the conglomerate chain you never got around to, use every day of your vacation as an opportunity to try something new.

There are countless other ways to spend your spring break that are unique to you, but these are just a few ideas to help get you started. So forget about getting swimsuit ready, because you’ve got way more interesting things in mind.

By: Victoria Robertson, University of Illinois
Source: Huff Post

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