2021-02-02 00:42:29 | How the Valneva vaccine compares to other Covid jabs

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Are there clinical trials in the UK?

The Valneva candidate vaccine is being tested on 150 volunteers at testing sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and Southampton.

These tests will show whether the vaccine produces a safe and effective immune response against Covid-19.

If successful, larger tests will be planned for April 2021, with more than 4,000 UK volunteers taking two doses.

These trials will include those aged 18-65 as well as over-65s.

It is the fifth vaccine supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to enter clinical trials in the UK, alongside those from Oxford/AstraZeneca, Imperial College London, Novavax and Janssen.

If proven to be a successful candidate, Valneva’s vaccine could be available by the end of 2021.

Has the UK Government secured Valneva vaccine doses?

There is an in-principle agreement for 60 million doses, with an option to acquire a further 130 million doses from 2022-2025.

On Feb 1, the Government confirmed that it had ordered an extra 40 million doses of the vaccine, with the first batch set to be delivered in 2022.

The Government wants to vaccinate the 14 million or so people who fall into vulnerable categories by mid-February. 

And here is the state of play.

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