2021-02-08 07:54:10 | British bid to produce Apple cars ‘no-brainer’ say MPs – live updates

Story by: Morgan MeakerThe Telegraph

MPs are calling for the UK to make a bid to Apple to manufacture its electric cars here in Britain. 

Reports suggest the tech giant is planning to produce a vehicle with “breakthrough battery technology” in 2024, leading to intense speculation about where the car will be manufactured. 

James Sunderland, Conservative MP for Bracknell, called the idea of Britain bidding for Apple to build cars in The UK a “no brainer”. 

“I’m supportive,” said Sunderland. “Let’s bring new car production to the UK, use the high-tech workforce that we already have, create new jobs and build electric cars.”

Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP for Doncaster added: “As the economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic this year, we should be engaging with new, innovative industries that help boost economic growth while helping the environment.” 

Over the weekend, Hyundai and Kia both backed away from reports that they are in talks with Apple about manufacturing the new car, increasing speculation about the manufacturing partner the tech giant will pick. 

Marco Longhi, Conservative, Dudley North, said attracting Apple could be a major boost for areas of the country with a long-standing connection to the automotive industry. 

“This would be a fantastic investment for the Midlands and the Black Country,” he said.  

“This will mean jobs for people locally and it would buy an endorsement of U.K. plc in a post Brexit environment.”

A Government spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said they could not comment on speculation around commercial contracts. 

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