January 24, 2021

Blake Lively Looks Gorgeous In Every Decade Of 'Age Of Adaline'

Blake Lively plays a woman who stays 29 for 80 years in “The Age of Adaline,” and she looks gorgeous across each decade.

Promotional posters for the Lee Toland Krieger-directed film, set to hit theaters April 24, show Lively donning styles from the 1930s through today. Adaline’s style is influenced by every era.

Mixing styles became Adaline’s personal look. She draws from all of her time on earth and she gets a sense of security from her wardrobe,” costume designer Angus Strathie told People StyleWatch. Hairstylist Anne Carroll added: “If Adaline had something from the 1940s, it is still something that she would still possibly wear. She spent her lifetime collecting.”

Krieger explained that Adaline’s agelessness lends itself to the story’s deeper meaning.

“It sounds like wish fulfillment to look like Blake Lively forever. But she cannot grow old with anyone,” he told USA Today in November. “In a world consumed with youth and vanity, there’s something very fresh and beautiful about a story focusing on the beauty of growing old.”

Source: Huff Post

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