January 23, 2021

Dramatic Video Shows Terrified Visitors Fleeing Tunisa Museum Attack

Dramatic footage broadcast on Tunisian television Wednesday showed dozens of people fleeing the Bardo museum in the Tunisian capital, after gunmen opened fire at the tourist site earlier that day.

Security forces rushed to evacuate those caught up in the violence, captured in footage first broadcast by Tunisia’s national station. Tense scenes show stunned men, women and children run to safety in a nearby building.

Tunisia’s prime minister said at least 17 foreign tourists, one Tunisian and a security officer were killed in the assault, making it the country’s worst attack on a tourist site in years. Tunisian Prime Miniser Habib Essid said two gunmen were killed in a gunfight with police, and two or three others are thought to remain at large.

More footage from the scene of the attack from Tunisian TV:

Source: Huff Post

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