January 25, 2021

Paula Deen Now Has Her Own Video Game App, Because Of Course

Basically everything Paula Deen and Kim Kardashian do borders on the absurd. While Deen basically eats sticks of butter, Kardashian appears to rub it on her body for photo shoots. And while the two might not seem like they have a lot in common — they do now. Paula Deen is launching a mobile video game app.

paula deen

We’re not quite sure why Deen has taken a techie turn, but Kardashian’s estimated $200 million earnings from her own video game app might have something to do with it. According to a press release, Deen’s game will be called “Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest” and feature puzzles, interactive recipe games and cooking challenges.

“I am a gamer at heart and never leave my home without my ipad,” said Deen. “Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest is an incredible and one-of-a-kind game that will allow y’all to cook up a storm with me while solving exciting puzzles. Plus, it’s free!”

Watch the ridiculous video below to attempt to figure out more about Deen’s game:

You can download the video game for iPhones now. The Android edition launches March 16.

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Source: Huff Post

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