January 25, 2021

Why You Should Celebrate, Not Fear, Crispy Skin

Crispy chicken skin is one of life’s most delicious delicacies, second only to crispy duck skin. If you’re guilty of throwing away skin when you cook dinner, it’s time to change course. Whether you’re searing salmon, baking chicken, roasting pork or especially if you’re preparing a whole duck, don’t throw away the skin. Instead, use it to upgrade your dish to restaurant-level quality, or create a snack or appetizer that will put your potato chips to shame. Think about it as the most decadent way to combat food waste.

Restaurants the world over are onto the merits of skin. It’s a common sight on top of any meat, whether it’s Peking duck or crispy pork belly. Restaurants are serving the stuff by itself, too. Chicago’s Yusho offers a skin trio as an appetizer or side, and Min Jiang in London serves crispy duck skin alongside a bowl of sugar meant for dipping. It’s the most elegant munchies food on the planet (or at least on that side of London). New York’s King Bee serves an unbelievable pork cracklings appetizer (also known as pork rinds — it’s all skin) with peanuts, cane caramel and malt vinegar powder. The cracklings come in a paper bag, which you’ll be shaking upside down for crumbs.

Still hesitant to stick with the skin? Your fears and perhaps even disgust are understandable. As awesome as crispy chicken skin is, it is totally gross in its raw, bumpy form. Prepared correctly, however, it’s glorious. Here’s how to get skin that you’ll actually want to eat.

Now on to potato skins… Just kidding. But obviously you should be eating those, too.

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Source: Huff Post

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