5 Health Benefits You Never Knew About Organic Food

The term ‘Organic Food’ conjures up images of alfalfa sprouts, mixed greens, and bland, tasteless vegetables that seem about as appealing as eating dirt. With only a cursory thought, it would seem to be logical to assume that simple, natural foods might actually be better for us than mass-produced, processed, altered foods would be.

But what there were benefits you hadn’t even considered? Would those convince you to give organic foods another try? Consider these five points, and see if you don’t agree that organic foods are the way to go.


  1. Organic Food is filling
  2. Health-conscious stores like Whole Foods or organic meal delivery services like Fresh N Lean, are dedicated to ensuring the fruits and vegetables they offer are 1oo% fresh, never frozen, and free of anything that could come between your body and the nutrition.

    Farm-grown, natural food, from free-range steroid-free chicken to vine-ripened tomatoes, make the difference between food that offers nutrition, and processed junk that actually can leave you unsatisfying and hungry.

    • Traditional meals and processed foods have ingredients added that leave us unsatisfied, even feeling hungrier than before we ate.
    • Sugar substitutes, MSG and other additives actually trigger the hunger mechanisms chemically. You are still left unsatisfied, meaning you’ll eat more. (NY Times).
  3. Organic foods need no preservatives
  4. Organic foods, of course, have no processing or additives. These foods tastes better, and even the most basic food products like fruits and vegetables have natural resistance to bacteria and decay, meaning they usually have a shelf life of usually about a week. For many fruits, those additional days can actually result in the food tasting even better!

    What is surprising is even the savings in terms of such things as sodium. Consider fresh, organically grown free range chicken, compared to frozen chicken shipped into a mass market grocery chain. The sodium level can be hundreds of milligrams per serving for the frozen, while the organic chicken may have absolutely no additional sodium content.

    And this is not even mentioning the variety of additives that affect texture, color, or consistency, such as questionable food colorings or the much-maligned protein, gluten. Organic foods may vary in such characteristics, but more than make up for the variances with more consistent food and nutritive values.

  5. Organic food is ‘fast’ food
  6. The big fast food chains claim to provide hot, ready to eat foods quickly. The challenge is that for their food to remain safe over the longer periods of time, more additive and preservatives have to be included. Conventional fast food, with all those additives, actually leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable; with the excessive levels of sodium and sugars, they’re downright unhealthy.

    Even those organic meats and certain veggies that need preparation time actually deliver their nutrition into your system faster, more easily than their more processed “Fast Food” replacements. For most vegan meals, time of preparation is actually far less than other diets. Now THAT is good ‘Fast Food’!

  7. Organic food is precisely what our bodies were designed to eat
  8. Our bodies are designed to digest foods that are natural, just as we ourselves are natural. By eating the foods that carry necessary nutrition, and nothing else, we allow our system to get what it needs directly from the source, not needing to break down or digest unnecessary additives or preservatives.

    Many of the food additives are considered by the FTA to be “GRAS” – Generally Recognized as Safe. It isn’t particularly encouraging, but the term means they have not yet been proven a health hazard. Further, many of them were created by corporations as proprietary, and may have even been made of petroleum products or by byproducts.

    Far better for you are the organic foods, not just GRAS, but completely healthful and containing the nutrition and food value you need.

  9. Organic food is complete

Our lives are an interaction with our environment. There are no ‘additives required’ for organic food to be useful to our bodies. Taking in the right proportion the foods your body needs means you get exactly what you need, without requiring fillers, preservatives, or flavor enhancers that processed foods require.

How do you incorporate good health in your fast-paced life? Do you change your mind before you change your diet, or vice versa? Let us know how organic foods fit into your life in the comment box below.
Source: Huff Post

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