5 Things That Will Instantly Make Your Life Better


Here’s a little exercise that will improve your life immediately. These tips are simple heartfelt ideas that I’ve used on many occasions when I’ve needed to instantly feel better.

5 Tips to Immediately Improve your Life

  1. Before you get out of bed (or before you fall asleep) make a list in a notebook of 5 things you are grateful for in your life today. It might be the birdsong you hear on waking, or the comfortable bed you sleep in at night. It might be that you can glimpse the sun shining through your curtains. It might be knowing that you are moments away from a cup of tea. Keep this up every day for the next four weeks and notice how your life changes. (It will by the way!)
  2. Spend five minutes in mindful meditation. Sit comfortably upright or lie on a blanket on the floor, making sure that you are warm. Gently close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Breathe in fully and feel the sensation of your chest and belly rising. Release your breath slowly and fully feeling your chest and belly return to resting. Your mind will wander, this is normal, simply bring your focus back to your breath without criticizing or judging yourself. Continue in this way for 5 minutes or so. Commit to doing this everyday for two weeks. Make a note of how you get on and see what you notice.
  3. Play your very favorite song from your feel good playlist … you do have one, don’t you?! If you don’t then why not create one? You can see a selection from my playlist at the end of my book Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for midlife. How does music change your mood? Which song and artist do you turn to for inspiration? Which do you turn to for comfort?
  4. Choose something from your wardrobe that makes you feel good, something that has positive, happy memories — obviously for me that means Best Knickers. Always! Do you have a photograph of yourself feeling fabulous in your favorite item of clothing? How different do you feel when you make the effort to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself?
  5. Make the decision to give someone a truly heartfelt compliment today. It might be the barista at your local coffee shop who makes coffee just the way you like it. It might be a colleague who always seems to smile easily. It might be your child who did as you asked without making a fuss! See what happens when you compliment them. Begin like this, ‘I really like it that you…’

How different will your life be in four weeks time if you commit to doing these five things consistently? Will you do it? Why not keep a note of how you feel every few days. Sometimes when we’re feeling a bit down in the dumps or we’ve had a rubbish day this is the best time to follow these five tips. They help us get a different perspective on how we’re feeling. Worth a go?

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