March 2, 2021

7 Cool Things Every Runner Needs

Leggings are on. Playlist is queued up.

You’ve got the essentials, but how about taking your run to the next level with, say, earbuds that light up to the beat of your music?

Here are seven things to make your workout cooler, easier and more fun.

#1: Laser-Lit Headphones
Lasers and beats make your nighttime run feel more like a concert. Tell me more.

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#2: A Drawstring Saver
Never lose that drawstring again. Tell me more.

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#3: Hand-y Lights
Perfect positioning to illuminate your path. Tell me more.

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#4: A Magnetic Pouch
This lightweight fabric pouch is perfect for stashing essentials. Tell me more.

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#5: Pretty Lights
These ultra-bright flashers come in three fun, florescent colors. We recommend all three. Tell me more.

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#6: Quick Cooling
Good enough for Serena, this cooling towel is a total lifesaver in the heat. Tell me more.

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#7: A Collapsible Bottle
Perfect for staying hydrated without weighing yourself down. Tell me more.

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