February 28, 2021

7 Ideas to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

We can all struggle to find our mojo a little at times. For one reason or another we just don’t have that spark. A frown is easier than a smile.

If this sounds like you then here are a few ideas to help turn that frown of yours on its head.

1. Contribute to Something Bigger
Contributing to something bigger than ourselves can be both fun, challenging and empowering all at once.

This could mean finally committing to that course you’ve always threatened to. It could mean volunteering and adding your weight to a big project running at work. It could be taking part in a charity run for a great cause you believe in. Ideas are many. Focus on contribution to the greater good in some way.

2. Be Grateful
“Turn your expectations into appreciation.” — Tony Robbins
We all have lots to be thankful for in our lives. This can often be drowned out by other noise, our own wants and perceived needs. The end result is we lose touch with how much we should be grateful for.

We can fix that by stopping to reflect on what we are truly grateful for. This can be in an informal way in our own heads or we can also keep a gratitude journal.

Whichever works best for you make this a regular practice. You might surprise yourself just how much you do have to be truly thankful for.

3. The Start of a New Chapter
Each day offers its own opportunity to start afresh. To start from a blank page if you will. That’s a powerful way to look at a new day.

Let yesterday’s mistakes or general feelings of flatness float away and commit to making today a better day. Commit to making it a happier day. Commit to using more of your energy for good. Commit to letting go of things that suck at your soul.

4. Focus on the Positives
It’s easy to focus on the negatives at the expense of all the positives we may have in our lives. We can all be guilty of this. It can spill over into everything we do. All of a sudden seeing any positives becomes a challenge.

That’s no way to live is it? Better to focus on what we do have rather than what we don’t. Better to focus the things that are in reach rather than obsess on those that are not.

5. Be Your Own Best Friend
Our internal chatter is so important to us feeling at our best.

Be your own best friend with positive self-talk. Learn to banish those negative thoughts.

6. Look for Triggers
If you are struggling a little right now, or at any time, learn to recognise the signs early.

What is making you feel like this? Is it something external or internal? Is it something you have some control over? Learn to recognize the triggers that cause you to feel less than your best. Can you remove these from your life or at least avoid them?

7. Remember Life Is Precious
It really is. And most of us take this for granted on a daily basis.

Perhaps we’d have less to frown about if we remembered just how precious our own lives and those of loved ones are. We’re not going to be here forever so best we make the most of the present and the most of what we have.

Commit to turning that frown upside down and keeping it there as best you can.

Carl is the proud owner of www.frictionlessliving.net which is focused on helping readers live a simpler and more personally satisfying life. He is also the author of 22 Ways to Simpler Living and 22 Ways to Happier. To read more and/or contact him go to his site.
Source: Huff Post

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