7 Mantras We All Should Live By


By Patricia Corrigan

“Be bold in doing the rest of your life.”

That’s what Gail Sheehy wrote in my copy of her groundbreaking book Passages in 1976 when I interviewed her for a daily newspaper in St. Louis. Now I’ve been asked to interview her again, during her book tour for “Daring: My Passages,” Sheehy’s new autobiography.

I can’t wait to tell Sheehy how often in the past 39 years I have heeded her advice, choosing the challenging option instead of the safe one. Such rich wisdom, so freely given in a simple autograph!

Recalling Sheehy’s words caused seven other favorite mantras to bubble up, catchphrases offered from friends and strangers alike that have made a difference in my life over the years. Readers: please share yours in the comments section of this article, and include your name, city and age and why it came to be a guiding principle in your life.

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Source: Huff Post

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