9 Reasons Silicon Valley Should Move to Chicago

Are you tired of living in Silicon Valley’s tech bubble? Do you want to be part of a growing startup-friendly tech hub? Come to Chicago! Here are nine more reasons to make the move:

Water: Chicago has water. Lots of water. Take lots of guilt-free long hot showers. Spring through fall, sail on the great lake Michigan. Join the famous Mackinac Boat Race. Watch the annual Air and Water Show.

Fly Anywhere Nonstop: Chicago has an international airport with direct nonstop flights to major cities and world capitals including New York, London, Washington, San Francisco, Amman (Jordan), Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Doha (Qatar), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Fun and Food: Chicago has a great nightlife with bars, pubs, and dance clubs. Restaurants aren’t crowded; you can get a table at the best restaurants in town without much fuss. In fact, you’ll get a seat almost any time of day. Last Wednesday, I breakfasted at the Michigan Avenue Le Pain Quotidien at 7:40 a.m. In New York, the place would be packed at that hour, but in Chicago, I had the place to myself. Carlos, the friendly server, and Devon, the cheerful cashier, would love to see you! In the summer, dine al fresco at one of Chicago’s many outdoor garden or lakefront restaurants.

Great homes and views: Chicago has abundant affordable luxury apartments and homes with lots of space and stellar views. Yes, Chicago has lagged the rest of the country in housing cost rises, but that is an opportunity for you. You can buy a tiny condo in Silicon Valley or a penthouse in Chicago. Even if you don’t move to Chicago, buy one anyway. You can’t beat the space, the views, and the amenities.

Fitness: Chicago has the best equipped gyms in the world from the matchless East Bank Club, to the Soho House, to Gold’s Gyms and many more. Enjoy miles of lakefront bike trails. Chicago loves fitness.

Technology: Chicago has state of the art server centers and data farms. Chicago is already a major fiber optic cable hub, third in the USA, and is expanding fiber optic space. Chicago is home to the number one startup accelerator in the world. If you move, you will be in the company of other startups that have moved from Silicon Valley to Chicago.

Large Offices: Chicago has great office space available with famous architecture.

Culture: Chicago has lots of attractions: world class museums, theater, indoor and outdoor symphonies, and a Chicago Council on Global Affairs that is better than New York’s since you can get a seat near world-class speakers. Most Chicagoans are friendly polite people (city crime aside and besides, California has crime, too), because if we weren’t, in the winter, there would be no reason to go on living… other than close-by skiing, snowboarding and city-wide ice skating. When you’re done, go to a bar with a fireplace for a hot chocolate or a hot toddy.

Deals: Illinois economy isn’t in great shape, but it isn’t much worse off than California, and the state of Illinois is already reneging on obligations like solar panel reimbursements and cutting funding for non-tech unprofitable business ventures. (h/t Second City Cop) Illinois and Chicago want your tax revenues. Move to Chicago, create jobs, and negotiate a tax deal for the day your business takes off.
Source: Huff Post

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