A Not-So-Little Trick for TRUE Happiness

Happiness… where does it truly live?

Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in your goals, dreams and milestones that you begin to buy into the belief that happiness can only be achieved once your goals are reached?

  • The dream career
  • The fairy tale romance
  • The million dollar paycheck

You convince yourself that your happiness, and sometimes even your identity and self worth, is defined by the things you strive for, and the milestones you reach.

With this kind of belief system in place…it’s no wonder it’s so difficult to LET GO of the NEED for your dreams, goals and achievements to come to fruition.

Today’s episode of Weekly Alignment revolves around a hot topic that is discussed in every corner of the self-help world…and for many people, it’s the topic that allows them to begin exploring the TRUE meaning of happiness.

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~ Jenn Lederer
Source: Huff Post

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