Ann Coulter Compares Obama Calling Netanyahu To Hinkley Calling Reagan

Following the re-election of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ann Coulter likened President Barack Obama’s relationship to the Israeli leader to that of a failed assassination attempt.

Some background: Fox News has been eagerly covering if and when President Obama would congratulate Netanyahu on his victory, much to the amusement of others.

On Wednesday, one Fox News banner read, “OBAMA REFUSES TO CALL TO CONGRATULATE.”

Jon Stewart tore into the networks coverage this week.

“Really? You find it interesting that a foreign country’s prime minister who came to Congress against the White House’s wishes and shits on a nuclear deal the president spent years working on, wouldn’t receive an immediate post-election ‘atta boy,'” Stewart said.

The president finally made the call on Thursday, but Sean Hannity continued to push the issue on his show later that evening, arguing that Obama hates Netanyahu “more than he hates the leaders of North Korea, Syria and Iran combined.”

Then Hannity asked Coulter what she thought.

“I think it’s hilarious and fantastic that Fox News is covering, you know, each hour that Obama had not, up until recently today, I guess, congratulated Bibi Netanyahu on his victory,” she said. “It’s like, ‘Has John Hinckley called to congratulate Ronald Reagan yet?’ No. Of course he opposed Bibi Netanyahu’s re-election.”

Hinkley, of course, being the man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Watch the full exchange below:

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Source: Huff Post

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