Arizona Governor Signs Controversial Abortion Bill Into Law

PHOENIX, March 30 (Reuters) – Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, said on Monday he has signed into law a controversial measure blocking women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal healthcare exchange.

The fiercely debated bill also requires doctors to tell women they could possibly reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion, a claim that critics have called “junk science.”

The measure cleared the Republican-controlled state legislature last week, largely along party lines.

“The American people overwhelmingly oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, and it’s no different in Arizona, where we have long-standing policy against subsidizing them with public dollars,” Ducey said in a statement after signing the measure on Monday. “This legislation provides clarity to state law.” (Reporting by David Schwartz in Phoenix, Arizona; Writing by Eric M. Johnson; Editing by Eric Beech)
Source: Huff Post

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