Arthritis in Dogs and NSAIDs

Treating Arthritis in Dogs with NSAIDs

arthritis in dogs

Treating arthritis in dogs is a very serious problem, and aggressive treatment is the key to long-term success. Although this may sound counterproductive, this is a great way to ensure that your pet has the longest possible life. NSAIDs and other powerful pain medications can cause negative effects on your dog’s quality of life. As with any medical condition, you must treat your pet as soon as the first signs of arthritis appear.

Fortunately, most dogs can be managed with simple medications or lifestyle changes. Early treatment is always best, because the cartilage in a dog’s joints rarely repairs itself. Some dogs can be made pain-free with arthritis medication, while others may require complex surgical procedures or joint replacement. As with any health condition, it is essential to seek veterinary help at an early stage. Even if your pet has only minimal symptoms, a doctor can recommend advanced treatments.

Controlling your dog’s weight can be a significant part of treating arthritis in dogs. It is important to keep your dog’s weight under control. Taking steps to keep your dog healthy, including regular exercise, can help slow the progression of arthritis. By preventing excess weight and supporting joint function, you can reduce your pet’s life expectancy. In addition to exercise, your pet should be fed a high-quality food with joint support.

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