Artist Hilariously Imagines Emily Dickinson's Social Media Accounts

It’s hard to say whether Emily Dickinson, whose work is known for its macabre themes and unconventional use of language, would’ve been a fan of emojis. She might’ve tinkered with creative punctuation use, but would the reclusive, earthy poet have shunned social media altogether? Unfortunately, the world will never know.

Luckily, artist Rosanna Bruno took it upon herself to speculate in a series of drawings she created for the forthcoming issue of BOMB Magazine. Bruno illustrated Dickinson’s Instagram account (username: recluse1830), Facebook profile (relationship status: It’s complicated) and an entirely new set of emojis the writer would’ve been more likely to use than the techy set we’ve come to know so well. A window, an eye, a casket and a broken heart are a few of the Dickinsonian symbols — and while Bruno doesn’t go so far as to translate the writer’s poems into emoji-speak, the outcome would likely be a feat as impressive as Emoji Dick, or, The Whale.

rosanna bruno

emily emoji

emily facebook

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Source: Huff Post

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