Being Yourself, That's the Greatest Gift and Service


Readjust your vision. Refocus on what’s true for you. What’s that well inside you bringing forth? Where’s that inner thrust leading you? Once you make yourself the center of your world, you step into your power. You’ll begin to create from the inside out, making visible what only you could see before, bringing into being what was previously only palpable to you. How does it feel to experience life from your point of view?

Run your identity — your thoughts, feelings, impressions, emotions, actions, goals, dreams, desires, fears, beliefs, stories, assumptions, theories — through the carbon filter of your truth. It’s a strainer for crystal clear clarity. How much of it is truly you, and how much is imprinted, taught, handed down by society? Throw the heavy, sickly sediment — that pasted up, dull shell; that which is untrue for you — in the nourishing compost of the universe. Release it. Say it. You’re new now if you declare you are. And thus, you’re alchemizing those unsound, outdated scales into exhilarating gratitude, compassion, and true freedom. Cosmic manure at your service.

There’s no greater gift you can give to yourself or the world than really, truly being yourself. Stand up for your beauty, cherish your creativity, and love yourself always.

Being yourself is your greatest gift and service.
Source: Huff Post

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