Broadway Star Audra McDonald Slams Indiana Governor Over Anti-Gay Bill

Broadway star Audra McDonald is not a fan of Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his anti-gay legislation, and she let him know it.

Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law Thursday. The bill allows companies to cite religious freedom in lawsuits if sued by a private party. Many worry this could legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, giving protection to business owners who refuse service to same-sex couples, for example.

Ahead of a planned performance in Indiana, McDonald railed against Pence on Twitter, listing implications the discriminatory bill could have for her and her band.

McDonald — who has had an expansive career in theater, television and studio recording — decided to keep the slated performance, but plans to give the money to the Human Right Campaign and Freedom Indiana, groups that fight for equal rights.

Others have spoken out against the bill, which takes affect July 1, including the NCAA, CEO Marc Benioff, the Disciples of Christ and Miley Cyrus, who called Pence an asshole in an Instagram post.
Source: Huff Post

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