Why is life expectancy shorter in the US?

On This Page American Life Expectancy Dropped By A Full Year In 1st Half Of 2020 How do you assess inequality in the distribution of life expectancy at birth? Mortality and life expectancy by age “Life Expectancy” – What does this actually mean? Trends and patterns of geographic variation in cardiovascular mortality among US counties, […]

Cancer patients weren’t responding to therapy. Then they got a poop transplant.

For some cancer patients, a “poop transplant” could boost the positive effects of immunotherapy, a treatment designed to rally the immune system against cancer cells.  Not all cancer patients respond to immunotherapy drugs. For example, only about 40% of patients with advanced melanoma, a type of skin cancer, reap long-term benefit from the drugs, according […]

Mouth Cancer Foundation: Save Your Voice

Mouth Cancer Foundation aims to save sufferers’ voices “We want the Mouth Cancer Foundation to be the charity patients turn to when they need to save their voice,” says Philip Lewis, President of the Mouth Cancer Foundation. He continues: “Our latest initiative is to save the voices of mouth, throat, head and neck cancer patients […]

How healthy is watermelon? | Top Picks

According to the National Watermelon Promotion Board, you can consider watermelon either a fruit or a vegetable. The choice is yours! It looks like a fruit, tastes sweet like a fruit, and is similar to other melon types. However, it is actually a member of the Cucurbitaceae plant family of gourds, closely related to vegetables […]

Dentaid Launches 32km Challenge

Dentaid Launches 32km Challenge

Dentaid launches 32km virtual fundraising challenge Dentaid has launched a 32km virtual fundraising challenge as demand for the charity’s services continues to soar. Supporters are being asked to run, cycle, walk or even skip 32km – either in one go or over several days – at home, in the garden or their local area. Everyone […]

Research update: implant fracture – Dentistry Online

Dentistry Online presents the latest abstracts published examining the factors contributing to dental implant fractures. Analysis of the causes of dental implant fracture: A retrospective clinical study Stoichkov B, Kirov D (2018) Quintessence Int 49(4): 279-86 Objective Fracture of osseointegrated dental implants is the most severe mechanical complication. The aim of the present study was to […]

Dental market will ‘bounce back strongly’ in 2021 – Dentistry Online

Dental revenue recovered ‘much sooner than expected’ from the impact of the pandemic. This is according to the dental market overview from Christie & Co. It dubbed the dental market ‘remarkably resilient’ considering the ‘enormity’ of the pandemic at the beginning. Early stages However, it acknowledged some key challenges, namely the feeling that dentistry was […]