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IMF recommends the Bahamas ‘accelerate its education campaigns’ on CBDC

The International Monetary Fund, or IMF, has turned its attention to the Bahamas’ central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Sand Dollar, and suggested additional regulatory oversight and education. The recommendation came following the conclusion of an Article IV consultation in the Bahamas last Wednesday. During an interview at SALT’s Crypto Bahamas conference in May, The…


Where Does Your Money Spend the Night? Rethinking Capitalism

The global nonprofit sector has played a crucial role in identifying solutions for the needs of the world’s most marginalized populations. As the severity and scale of the problems escalate, however, it has become clear that the 20th century paradigm of maximizing profits in the capitalist realm of the economy then donating a percentage of…


Economic Poverty is Bolstered by Moral Deprivation

The economic data strongly suggests the country is headed in a positive direction. The stock market roars, unemployment is down, jobs are created, the nations right track/wrong track metric is improving, consumer confidence is up, but something is not quite right. While the 2014 job growth was the best since 1999, there remains the lingering…


A Roadmap for Resilient Infrastructure Investment

Cities are built around silos. Water treatment plants are handled by the water utility; roads and bridges fall to the department of transportation; power grids are maintained by electric companies. Under this system, there are some major gaps–needs at the seams of sectors can go unmet, failures in one area can domino into another–but, more…