January 28, 2021

Community Activists React To 'Disgraceful And Cowardly' Ferguson Police Shooting

Tensions were high in Ferguson, Missouri, early Thursday morning following the shooting of two local police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department. The shooting took place amid protests that followed the announcement of police Chief Thomas Jackson’s resignation.

The act of violence has caused local and national civil rights leaders to condemn the shooting, including St. Louis community activist John Gaskin III, who reportedly deemed the attack “disgraceful and cowardly.”

According to the Associated Press, Gaskin said that activists “cannot afford these kinds of incidents happening, because that gets us absolutely nowhere.” A spokesman for Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been a prominent activist voice in Ferguson, told AP that Sharpton opposes violence of any kind, especially against police.

Both officers have reportedly been released from the hospital.

Check out more reactions on the Ferguson police shooting below.

Source: Huff Post

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