January 27, 2021

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I wonder if you know how special you are to Grace. You are the very first person in her life that is completely focused on her and her alone. She adores you.

Do you know how many doctors’ appointments and autism therapy sessions she has sat through, watching everyone in the room fawn and flitter around her sister, Kate? Do you know how many conversations she has overhead that surrounded Kate’s progress or setbacks? Do you know how many times we have left early from an event that Grace was relishing?

Please don’t misunderstand. Grace has never come second to us. However, she is caught up in the chaos that can be an autism household at times, and she deserves better. She deserves someone like you.

You have offered her refuge from this. When you look at her, you don’t have to consider her sister. Can you imagine how that must feel to her? You see her, alone. You simply see, Grace.

Grace loves her baby sister. You might have noticed this as she tends to include Kate in her writing and art projects at school. She feels responsible for Kate, in a way that is both heart-breaking and beautiful. While we are immensely proud of her, we wish she did not shoulder such responsibility at so young an age.

When Grace entered school this year, she was given a taste of independence and personal attention. She has flourished and for that I want to thank you. No doubt, you offer this kind of personal attention to each child in your class but I would just like you to know what it means to our Grace.

Thank You,

Grace’s Mom

Source: Huff Post

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