Deion Sanders Is Such A Dad

Nothing screams “I’m a cool dad” like embarrassing your son in front of his friends. And nothing screams “I’m a cool dad, but I’m also NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders” like embarrassing your son in front of the entire world.

Deion’s son, who is appropriately named Deion Sanders Jr., took to Twitter on Thursday to let the world know he wanted a specific type of doughnut:

Unfortunately for junior, dad saw the tweet and couldn’t help himself from responding in front of his friends (i.e. Twitter followers, such is the modern world):

This, of course, put junior in a bind because, like, wow, what a burn. Most us know how it feels to sit there, stunned and unable to figure out how to respond to a deep burn. Delete the tweet? Text dad pleading for him to take it down? Delete your account and move out of the country? Dig a hole and climb into it forever?

Well, respect to junior, because he went all in:

No, like all in:

No, like all in:

Dads being dads, senior felt obligated to let it be known that he was just having fun:

Dads, you know?
Source: Huff Post

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