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When there’s a toothpaste option that is kinder to the planet, why on earth wouldn’t you offer it?

Small things add up. Every year, over 1.5billion single-use plastic toothpaste tubes clog up our oceans and landfill. Taking 500 years to decompose, they’re not going anywhere fast.

In fact, by 2050, we project more plastic in the ocean than fish. So it’s crucial to act now. Something needs doing.

Pärla toothpaste

We’re dentists too, and it’s why we created Pӓrla plastic-free toothpaste tabs: to offer patients and the planet something better. Something truly sustainable but effective.

Made entirely in the UK, Pӓrla toothpaste tabs are also free of palm oil. Eight per cent of worldwide deforestation can be attributed to palm oil, included in most major brands of toothpaste. It’s simply not good enough, and the public, quite rightly, speak with their wallets.

Unfortunately, many eco-conscious toothpaste brands also remove the wrong ingredients, such as fluoride. This renders the product ineffective against dental diseases. Pärla is made by dentists and so contains everything dentists would expect to find in toothpaste to protect against decay and gum disease.

However, we have removed the unnecessary ingredients, which can be bad for the planet, animals or humans. Ingredients often found in most generic mass market toothpastes. For example sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), gluten, animal products (and no testing on animals!), artificial preservatives, stabilisers and flavourings.

It’s going to take all of us, patients and professionals, to make one small change to save the planet before it’s too late.

Positive change doesn’t always come quickly enough. So we’re offering incredibly attractive wholesale prices to dentists to make this an even easier decision.

If you’d like your practice to be a visible part of the solution, email us here for more information.

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