Easy Cheese 3D Printer Not Yet Viable, Tests Show (VIDEO)

Futurists everywhere, brace yourselves: The technological singularity is postponed until further notice.

Robots can do amazing things. They can pole dance. They can virtually masturbate us — and by us, we mean this guy. More importantly, they can solve complex, boring problems that only computers have the bandwidth or focus to deal with.

But what they can’t do (yet) is build a simple structure out of Easy Cheese. And for that reason, we believe its unlikely that the machines will rise, take over humanity and end history anytime soon.

You call that a cheese fort? Pathetic.

Critics may be inclined to blame the medium. Clearly, Easy Cheese lacks the tensile strength to build even a basic four-sided structure. But that’s besides the point, because a true AI overload would solve that problem.

Thank you, Andrew Maxwell-Parish, for demonstrating that puny humans aren’t out of time just yet.

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Source: Huff Post

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