January 26, 2021

Fashion and Style Who?

Whenever I decide to get dressed, I am always thinking to myself “how will I express myself today?” When I go outside and people see me, they are always so fascinated by what I have on. They always say “you must have so many clothes in your closet.” The funny thing is I feel that my closet is so empty and I could use a shopping spree any day now.

There are tricks to mastering a chic, fun, laid back outfit without having to break your pocket at the mall every day. So what are some of these top secret tricks you ask?

Keep wearing the same the thing

Yes, you read that correctly. I have clothes in my closet that I have had since I was in high school. I am post graduate school and in my first professional job, but I still wear my things I had since then. You just have to know how to mix and match things up from the previous time you wore the outfit. I’m not saying I have my entire closet from 2004-2008 still but I have some pieces. I mean let’s be real; I probably would never fit into everything anyway. I know we live in a time where on social media it’s frowned upon if you wear the same outfit twice but honestly, are your followers buying you new clothes? I didn’t think so.

Ignore the idea of “trends”

I’ve never been one to care about a trend of style or care for what’s in season and what’s not. I love the autonomy of just being able to do whatever I want when it comes to putting pieces together. Honestly, how many times have things gone out of style and still made a comeback? One word, overalls! Ok, I rest my case.

Forget the haters

It’s such a wonderful, fulfilling way of expressing myself regardless of what others’ opinions may be. For instance, back in 2011, I saw a line of bright lipsticks and I was thinking to myself that I must have at least one or two of them. They were bold and expressive and just screamed “Shawna”! So I decided to get vibrant green color and a white one. I went out to an event and there was a photographer there. He took pictures of the event and uploaded them on Facebook. Before I knew it, my friends were sending me messages about others who were speaking negatively about my choice in lipstick color. Can you imagine? Did I let that stop me from wearing those bright colors again? Never! As a matter a fact, the next time I go out for a fun night on the town, I most definitely will be choosing one of those bright colors.

Be you

Style for me means an expression; never in life should we feel that how we express ourselves should be limited based on the perspectives of others. I want to continue be the stylish Shawna that people always ask for my opinion when choosing an outfit, that stylish Shawna who gives others the confidence to try something new when it comes to what they wear. Life can be boring at times, but your style should never be.

Source: Huff Post

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