Fox Host Debunks Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's Main Talking Point On Anti-LGBT Law

Even Fox News is backing away from Indiana’s anti-LGBT law. Fox anchor Bret Baier told “Happening Now” host Eric Shawn that the Indiana law is far broader than either the federal “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” signed in 1993 or RFRAs in 19 other states — one of Indiana governor Mike Pence’s talking points in defending the measure.

“Indiana’s law deals with a person who can claim religious persecution but that includes corporations, for profit entities and it could also be used as a defense in a civil suit that does not involve the government,” Baier explained. “That is broader than the other laws.”

Indiana’s law “may embolden individuals and businesses who now feel that their religious liberty is ‘burdened’ by treating a member of the LGBT community equally and that their ‘burden’ trumps others’ rights to be free from discrimination,” Baier added.

Indiana’s RFRA stands among a host of bills critics say invite discrimination against LGBT folk. While the federal RFRA prohibits government from placing a substantial burden on the free exercise of religion, Indiana’s law extends that rule to corporations and individuals as well.

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Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post.

Source: Huff Post

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