Go With Your Feelings!

I have to realize something. When I had dreams in the past, I always failed. What I realized is: There is only one useable thing: our emotions — anticipations and intuition. They lead and take you to places where you can be happy. Sometimes we just think that something will make us happy while there is only one thing you need to understand: When we think something about something that is conceivably happening because of some external influence or we simply try to meet someone’s requirements.


I have been searching for stories during the last couple of years. I have met a dollar millionaire investor in San Francisco who made his fortune while he was working for Amazon Kindle. I was able to meet with Penn Badgley — Penn’s financial background has been insured by the Gossip Girl series I think for a lifetime as the investor’s life by the years spent at Amazon. They all risk things — for instance Penn doesn’t earn a thing by their tour, not to mention the situation of the investor, whose expenditures spent on what he is working on now and it can only be returned on long run terms. Still, they’re doing it.

What I saw in them is the following: They broke out from something they had to take part in to become who they are. The three of us are going through the same: the investor, Penn and me. The circumstances are completely different but somehow they aren’t. And you know why? Because all of us are working on the thing which is called “passion” or “live on purpose,” so doing something what means your life.

You have to see that it isn’t simple for anybody; you have to see that there is a way out. The more people I see who believed that his life doesn’t have to be about pushing the wagon you hate and what doesn’t make you happy instead of building something for what you have, everything you need inside you because you were obviously born to it, you were built together for that… I don’t even understand… The more examples you see the more you will dare.

But don’t forget one thing. Not everybody has to save the world but if you feel that what you are in doesn’t go right and you know what you have to do to be happy then start taking steps toward it. It will be hard. You won’t have time for that. You might feel physical pain when you are about to start it. There won’t be internet. I always get that. There isn’t Internet, the laptop goes wrong or something like that. Life always tests you. It tests how much you want it. If you want, if you do whatever it takes because you believe in your intuition you feel when you’re working on that particular thing then life stops testing you and helps you.

Want the thing you aren’t looking for, let it find you, to make you happy because it is the true one. The true is not the one you want to be true but the one what was there before, even when you haven’t known it yet. You might felt it deep inside but you have never let it arrive. Let it come, believe that anything can happen because as long as you don’t believe it, you live between constrains and expectations. You want to say what can make you happy while you will never know that. We always change, we always need something else, and we always wait for something else. Or why do you think by the time we have reached what we longed for we are not happy anymore?
Let the moment make you happy and be guided by your feelings, they know where you need to be, what you need to experience. Allow it to redraw your life, to bring the miracles because there are lots of surprises for you. If you let it. But you have to be open for everything. Down with the barriers, constraints and let yourself to be happy. You deserve it.

For those who live by listening to their hearts and do what they have to do then there is no need to be afraid. You are protected and will be protected; you get everything you need to work on what has to be worked on. I tend to say that my boss is my intuition and no one pays me better. It pays when you don’t even think about it and in something which no other currency can be compared to.
Source: Huff Post

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