Hamburger Crocs Are The Most Tragically Beautiful Shoe The World Has Ever Seen

Facts are facts: Crocs are the least most handsome shoe on the market. They are functional fashion at its prime. Their sleek heel strap signifies security and their ventilated top conveys that the feet inside the clogs belong to a person with a free spirit.

These days, you can find Crocs in a plethora of styles and colors. There are Crocs with a fur lining, Crocs for hunters that will go unseen in the woods and even Crocs that double as loafers. Crocs know no bounds. Enter: Hamburger Crocs.

hamburger croc

They are a thing of beauty. They are light-hearted, cute and sensible all at once. The only thing they are not is edible. These Crocs represent the everyman’s burger: They feature lettuce, tomato, burger and bun. Simple and delicious and not an ounce of fuss.

For now, this footwear fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending. “At this time we do not have an expected stock date,” said Shelby, a Crocs representative with whom I live-chatted. The all-American shoe was released in July 2014 and sold out in December of the same year. Unfortunately for those who’ve fallen for the meaty model, there’s no word as to whether it will make a second round in the marketplace. “At this time we do not have an expected stock date,” Shelby said matter-of-factly. Let’s collectively cross our fingers that the butchers at the Crocs factory get their act together.

“I think it is a very fun design,” she said of the hamburger shoe. But she doesn’t seem to be in mourning: Shelby herself owns at least 20 pair of Crocs and told me that her feet are always comfortable.

In the meantime, you might invest in a pair of these hamburger socks. They aren’t as satisfying as the clog, but they’ll hopefully keep your hunger pangs at bay.

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Source: Huff Post

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